Defining a Approval Process

  1. Select Site

  2. Go to Folder by clicking Folder name on the site menu

  3. Click settings icon on top right corner of page OR Click “App – Settings” from “More…” drop down menu located on top right corner of page

  4. Click “Approval Process” link in left hand menu

  5. Provide “Title”

  6. Provide “Assigned To”. This is the person who will approve the file

  7. Advanced Settings: You can provide additional settings for approval as well. To do this click “Advanced Settings”. Provide “Additional Approval”. This will be considered as second approver. To provide a To Do list with approval:

    1. Click “New Item” next to “To Do”

    2. Provide To Do and click Save button next to To Do text box

    3. Repeat step 1 + 2 to add multiple To Do

  8. Click “Apply” button

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