Sharing a Record

You can share a single record from an App with current Site Members on Your Portal and with external contacts as well.

Site Members

You can share an App with site members so that they can view, edit, or comment on it. Depending on the rights you give, site members will be able to see changes made as they happen so that everyone can be on the same page and you can get feedback quickly.

  1. Go to App and open the record that you want to share

  2. Click “Share” button located on top right corner of page

  3. Click “Get Shareable Link” button

  4. Click on “Recipients” and search for the user with whom you want to share the record.

  5. If the contact/user does not exist in your addressbook, then you can add a new contact using the "Add New Contact" button

  6. Provide extra message to be attached to email

  7. Click “Send Email” to send email to selected user which will contain the link to the access the shared record

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