Security Key Setup

Register Security Key

You can register your FIDO-U2F compliant hardware Security Key and complete two step verification process for logging into WorkSmart. Please see the list for browsers that supports this verification method.

When you login for the first time after your account has been enabled for Two Factor Authentication, you will be guided through the following the steps to register your Security Key into WorkSmart for Two Factor Authentication :

1. After you login, you will be asked to select a “Primary Verification Method”. Select “Security Key

2. Now keep your Security Key ready for next step

3. On the second step, you will have to insert your Security Key into your computer and tap the button on your Security Key.

4. If the Security Key is registered and verified successfully, then you will be logged into WorkSmart and from next time onwards, you will be asked to verify using the Security Key that you have registered into WorkSmart.

List of browsers that support FIDO U2F Security Key Verification

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

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