Apply Approval

  • Apply Approval action allows you to dynamically apply approval process to your records

  • For example, if you have a Budgeting app and all your budget records are approved by Manager. But for any budget record that exceeds, say $10,000.00, you want the CEO to approve the record in addition to the Manager approval.

  • So in this scenario, you will define your rule condition as Budget Amount > 10000 and then add “Apply Approval” action.

  • Important Note: For “Apply Approval” action to work, your app must have the record level approval enabled.

Adding Approval Steps:

Follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Add condition(s) for your rule

  2. Click “New Action” and select “Apply Approval”

  3. In the approval setting popup, click on the default approval step “Approve”, click “Modify” and change the Title, Assigned To, Duration (optional) and Description (optional) – DO NOT click “New Step” when you are adding the first step

  4. After you have filled the first approval step details, click “Apply”, and then “Save” the rule.

  5. You must save the rule, every time you add an approval step or you modify an existing approval step in your rule action.

  6. Add another approval step, if required.

The rule looks like this after final changes :

Below is an example, where the approval was applied via Record Based rule :

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