Adding a Chart View

  • To add a Chart View, navigate to your App and go to “Data Views” as shown below :

  • Click on “+ New View” to add a new chart view :

  • Follow below steps to setup your new chart view :

  1. Add a name for the view

  2. Select at least one chart view display type for your view (you can select more than one chart to display)

  3. (Optional) Select the columns you want to display (only applicable for display type List View)

  4. (Optional) Select Grouping if you want to group your records by a particular field

  5. (Optional) Select Sorting for your records

  6. (Optional) Select Filters to filter out any records which match certain criteria(s)

  7. Click “Save” to save your new view.

  • Mandatory additional Setup for chart view :

  1. Once you have created the chart view, go to the newly created view and select any of the charts from the chart icons on the right hand side

  2. Then click on “setting” icon and click “View Settings”

  3. Define the X-axis and Y-axis label and column settings and click “Submit”

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