Columns are at the core of your apps. There are the entiry that holds your data in WorkSmart.

You can create different types of columns as per your requirements from the following list:

  • Single Line

  • Multi-Line

  • Email Address

  • Phone/Fax No.

  • Address

  • URL

  • Number

  • Auto Number - auto-generated

  • Currency

  • Date Time

  • Time Input - can store time of day, hours worked (max 24 hours)

  • Duration - can store duration in days, hours and minutes

  • Yes/No - boolean value of Yes or No

  • Choice - includes subtypes as dropdown and radio (single item selection) or checkbox (multi-item selection)

  • Users - linked to address book and has capability to define access control

  • Relationship - to establish parent-child relationships with other apps

  • E-signature

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