Notifications Settings

This section allows you turn the email notifications as On/Off. It has following sections:

  1. Content Notifications: Allows you to turn the Database App notifications (add, update, delete, assignment, approval, etc.) as On/Off

  2. User Notifications: Allows you to turn the User notifications (Portal Invitation, Site Membership Notification, etc.) as On/Off

  3. Email Notifications: Allows you to determine whether notifications sent will be in HTML or Text format

  4. Email Templates: Deals with email templates used to send all different types of email. Note: Each Database App has got its own Email Templates. Go to Notification Settings in Working with Databases to see help for it.

To change Notification Settings

  1. Go to Admin (It is located in Admin drop down menu which is on top right corner of your workspace)

  2. Click on “Notification Settings” on the left hand menu

  3. Click “Update” button

  4. Change Content Notifications, User Notifications, and Email Notifications

  5. Click “Save” button

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