Allows the storage of currency values, combined with a currency code/symbol. Fields of this type may also be automatically totalled if required.

Additional options for Currency fields:

  • Required: Enable checkbox if field cannot be left empty.

  • Min and Max Values: Specify the minimum and maximum values that can be entered into this field.

  • Default: Specify the default content you want this field to display when you first create an entry.

  • ISO Currency Code: Click on the image to select a currency format.

  • Position: Specify symbol placement as Prefix or Suffix.

  • Show Symbol in Columns: Enable checkbox if symbol is to be displayed in the columns.

  • Use 1000s Separator: Enable checkbox if you require a 1000s comma separator, e.g. $125,000.

  • Decimal Places: Specify the number of decimal places to display.

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