Managing Workgroups

Custom Workgroups allow you to divide and Manage team Members into smaller functional groups. For instance, a consultancy project can have clients, internal consultants, external consultants, auditors, managers and other parties as distinct Workgroups within the project.

Workgroups are particularly useful when you want to assign different permissions or access levels to each of these groups. For example, you may wish to give the managers Workgroup access to ALL folders and files, but restrict access to only a couple of top-level folders for the other Workgroups or, you may want to invite just the clients Workgroup to a progress meeting.

With the above examples, you can easily select Workgroup(s) rather than selecting each team member individually.

  • Creating a New Workgroup

  • Editing a Workgroup

  • Deleting a Workgroup

  • Adding members to a Workgroup

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