Adding a New Form

  1. Select a Site

  2. Click App Name on site menu

  3. Click “Manage Views” from “More…” drop down menu located on top right corner of page

  4. Click “New Form” button located on top right corner of page

  5. Provide “Name”

  6. Select Form Type by clicking the corresponding button. Three options are available:

    1. Edit Form

    2. Add Form

    3. View Form

  7. Select Device if required

  8. Select Form Layout. Three options are available

    1. One Column: Only once column per row is allowed

    2. Two Column: Maximum two columns per row are allowed

    3. Three Column: Maximum three columns per row are allowed

  9. Hold and Drag Field name from Application Fields area and Drop it in Form Fields sections. All the fields dragged in Form Fields section will be displayed in the Form

  10. Click “Section Separator” button located above Form Fields section to add section separator between form fields

  11. Click “Save” button.

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