Custom Action rules are the most powerful feature of WorkSmart which allows you to display customised action buttons based on different triggers/conditions and then take appropriate actions when a user interacts with that custom action button.

For example, you can setup a rule to display a button called "Start Work" for a support ticket using the following condition and action:

  1. Who can perform action - this controls to who should see the custom action button - you can select a user, contact group and a column value from the record

  2. Condition - Define a condition as when the button should be made available - in above example, we only want to display the "Start Work" button when the Status field has a value of "Submitted"

  3. Action - Define an action which will be trigged when the "Start Work" button is clicked by the user - for example, you can directly change the status to "In Progress" or you can use the "Navigate To" action to open an edit session for the user to input further information when they are starting the work.

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