Site-Specific Special Privileges

Every team member has standard access to the site however, you can grant additional rights to team members using the Member Rights functionality.

To Grant Additional Privileges:

  1. Select Site

  2. Go To Site Admin

  3. Go to Settings -> Special Privileges

  4. There are four special site level privileges available

    1. Site Managers – Full Site Privileges

    2. Deputy Site Managers – Has same rights as Site Manager.

    3. Content Power users – Has access to all Content in the site. Can carry out all Actions (Add / Edit / Delete ) on content within Site.

    4. Team Managers – Can add/remove members to a site.

  5. To assign any of the above rights to Site Members, click “Edit” button located next to the Privilege

  6. Select site members by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes

  7. When your selection is complete, click “Apply” button located on top right corner of page

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