Add Record

Add Record action allows you to add a record to any app (including the current app) if the Condition(s) of your rule is/are satisfied.

You need to define column mappings using the “Add Column” button. These column mappings are used during the rule execution to populate the data for the new/existing record.

You can also use “Add Record” action to update an existing record in some another app if that other app has a “Primary Key” defined and that primary key column is also defined in the column mappings

The above rule adds a new record to “Purchase Order” app in “Inventory & Order Management” site.

It populates three columns when adding the new record – left hand side columns are the target app’s columns (“Purchase Order” app) and the right hand side (a) columns are the source app’s columns (“Products” app) or (b) a custom formula or (c) actual/definite values :

  1. Product is set to Record ID from source app

  2. Status is set to actual/definite value New

  3. Manufacturer is set to Manufacturer from source app

  4. Quantity is set to actual/definite value 10

Add Column Mapping : To add a new column mapping, click on “Add Column” button and select (a) “Column Value” for copying column value from the source app’s (“Products” app) or (b) “Formula” for a custom formula or (c) “Actual Value” for actual/definite values.

Remove Column Mapping : To remove a column mapping, click on “X” button

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