Custom Action Rules

  • Custom Action Rules allow you to create flexible and powerful workflow process for your application.

  • By adding Custom Action Rules, you can take various actions for your application like update a field in the record, trigger an email notification, etc.

  • To add a Custom Action Rule, follow the steps mentioned in Adding a new Rule.

  • With Custom Workflows, you have to define a text to be displayed as a button and specify who can perform that particular Custom Workflow action. The Custom Workflow action will only be visible to the users if the user is mentioned in the rule or if the user belongs to a group mentioned in the rule.

  • You can also define additional conditions to be checked for displaying the Custom Workflow action.

  • Below example creates a Custom Action rule to display Start Progress button for any user who belongs to Support Team and the current status of the request is New.

  • When the action is invoked, the status will be updated to In Progress.

You can following types of actions as part of your Custom Action Rules :

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